Established in 2014 by founder Tristan Hellings, accredited Exercise Physiologist, FRC is the result of over 10 years of hard work and personal involvement in the health and fitness industry.


At FRC we pride ourselves on being patient centered. We are passionate about giving everyday people the keys to unlocking better health now and sustaining it into the future. 


Our team are experts in exercise rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and corporate health. To aide in your overall wellness, we will provide you with

  • current evidence-based rehab

  • education

  • programming

  • mentoring


FRC continues to collaborate with other allied health professionals to achieve the goals of its' clients. We accept referrals and offer exercise rehabilitation rebates under Medicare, DVA, and Private Health insurance for applicable treatments.

Our consulting room and gym are located in East Fremantle within the Fremantle Rowing Club. We also provide a fully mobile service and are willing to travel as far as necessary to help you. Contact Us today to learn more about our mobile service.


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Tristan Hellings

Exercise Physiologist/Director


BSc Sports Science (Edith Cowan University)

GDip Exercise Physiology (Notre Dame University)

ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist

ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

AWF Level 1 Olympic Lifting Qualification


Tristan has a keen personal interest in pain, coupled with his generous nature towards helping others with their ambitions and goals (both fitness and otherwise). He is patient centred and knows that everyone's story is different and thus each approach will be different. He works with his patients to help them achieve their goals by providing education and personalised exercises.


Tristan has a keen interest in total wellbeing and understands that a healthy body is as much about what you put into it as it is about energy expenditure. He is well learned in nutrition and has studied this topic avidly. He is well placed to incorporate dietary and lifestyle planning into his programs to help clients achieve their results.

Lori Alexander

Exercise Physiologist


BSc Sports and Exercise Science (Murdoch University)

GDip Exercise Physiology (Murdoch University)

ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Lori has a keen interest in helping those with neurological and musculoskeletal injuries/conditions. Having vast experience in using exercise to help in cancer recovery and mental health and wellbeing.


Lori is firm believer in exercise as medicine, she is an advocate for patient-centered care and individualised programming, this allows her to make patient-specific programs taking into account all aspects of your life to help you reach your goals. She strives to help you get back into life, maintain your ability and excel in future goals.

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Jasmine Tripp

Exercise Physiologist


BSc Exercise Science (LaTrobe University)

Masters in Exercise Physiology (LaTrobe University)

ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Jasmine has worked with a vast variety of clients throughout her career but has a keen interest in respiratory conditions and in particular, musculoskeletal injuries.


Jasmine thoroughly enjoys working with clients throughout their rehab process and seeing the progression of her clients, whether that be to return to normal function, work, sport or overall an increase in health status. She is passionate about helping others and believes that building relationships is equally important to allow open communication between the client and herself, this creates a clear path with a common goal and she will be right there with you riding out the waves of your health journey.