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As one of Western Australia's leading exercise physiology business's, FRC provides up to date education, programming and leadership to clients in the rehabilitation, corporate and private sectors.


We are mobile for all services offered, whilst also conducting assessments and sessions out of our base office and gym in the Success, Western Australia. Session are now also being conducted at Melville Osteopathy on Tuesday and Thursdays.

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'Using education and exercise to empower and improve Australian lives.'

One of Western Australia's leading exercise physiology services, FRC provides you with current evidence-based and holistic education, programming and mentoring with rehabilitation in corporate and private sectors.


Exercise Rehabilitation

Returning from injury or suffering chronic pain the team are able to help you. 


Personal Training

Experts at helping you achieve your goals with one-on-one or group training options. 


Corporate Health

Workplace health and well-being assessments available to ensure the health of your staff. 

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I started going to Tristan Hellings in February this year on the recommendation from a trusted family member who was concerned with the treatment I was undergoing from doctors and specialists. I had a hip/lower back injury when I was just 21 years old and 8 years later the injury had progressed to chronic pain and constant muscle tightness and imbalance issues in the area. After receiving literally years of treatments from chiro, physio, pilates, yoga, acupuncture, remedial massage, steroid injections and being offered a hip surgery even though nothing definitive showed up on scans. I was definitely limited with what I could do physically and had been told by many professionals that I should come to terms with my situation however I kept looking for a solution. Then finally I found Tristan and after assessing me, he basically said 'Ok, let's get you moving' and gave me very specific exercises to do. Within weeks I saw massive changes in my physical and psychological state, I was no longer needing to take pain killers to get through the tough days and I was actually moving and was physically capable to do things that I previously could not achieve. 8 months on and I can hardly believe where I am. I am pain free, able to enjoy my physical hobbies again and I am actually getting fit and strong, something I thought was not possible. It is not an understatement to say that Tristan has literally changed my life so if you have any physical issues or chronic pain, do yourself a favour and give Fortitude a call!

- Rachel S

Started seeing Tristan a month or so ago and he has been fantastic, has helped improve an ongoing running injury and suggested training and technique changes. He finds the reason for the problem rather than just alleviating immediate pain symptoms.

- Lauren C

I felt Tristan is very professional, together with his experience and passion he knew exactly what was needed to cater for me personally.

I’ve been to plenty professionals in QLD and WA for shoulder rehab but found Tristan the best and genuinely keen to find the root of any issue and correct it.

Fantastic place.

- Denis H

Tristan creates a challenging exercise regime focused upon the areas of greatest need. Exactly what you need in an exercise physiologist.

Very pleased to have found him.

- Marianne N

Best place to go for an Exercise Physiologist. Tristan really looks after you holistically and has given me hope that I can become physically well again, first time in 15 years.

- Jodee P

I received Amazing support and care from Tristan after suffering from a few complicated injuries and chronic pain in my hips knees and shoulder. After 1 session with Tristan he understood fully what was going on physically and psychologically in my body as a triathlete and gave me full guidance and treatment/ rehab plans and exercises to get me back on track. After 3 weeks I am back running and swimming pain free, highly recommend this service.

- Connor  H